Chris Lanigan

One of the key steps I needed to take before helping you identify your purpose, was pinpointing mine. After applying my own processes, I came to the realisation that my life goal was to be a significant moment in yours.

I want to be your turning point, your ‘aha’ moment, a time in your career and life you will remember forever because it will change your business forever.

I do this by working to six core values I walk, talk and wear with pride - diligence, emotional intelligence, honesty, trust and keeping things interesting.

I am constantly learning and developing my skills to better serve you and deliver my product to the highest standard. I see the person behind the business and work with insight and empathy. I don’t beat around the bush or tell you what you want to hear, as to significantly change one’s life you can’t hide from the truth. I have your best interests at heart and are very respectful of the trust you bestow upon me.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, I like to keep things exciting and positive. I’ll create a business plan that is engaging, effective and fun to deliver, as well as making every interaction as enjoyable as possible. Including this one.

My background:

The majority of my professional experience over the last 20 years was with Red Bull, a truly iconic and global company that taught me focus, attention to detail and never to conform to the norms.

I have lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates and Australia, while gaining extensive experience in Information Management and Financial Strategies, Project Management, People Management and International Business and earning myself a Masters Qualification in Business Administration.

On making the move from the corporate world, my family and I decided to settle in Wanaka, New Zealand. Today I assist people all around the world from one of the most stunning, rejuvenating settings on Earth. Can you tell?